Saturday, October 3, 2015

Growth Mindset: Week 6

As I was creating my meme for this week's growth mindset, I decided to base it off of something that was relevant to my life. Sometimes, I look at the past negatively; decisions I've made, tests I've failed, etc. However, I think that sometimes the past can inspire you for the future.

For instance, because I failed a class my freshman year. I am always reminded not of my failure, but of my chance to try again. I was able to take the class again and I did much better the second time! When I received the new grade, I felt so successful. I felt much more successful than if I had just passed the class the first time without giving it a second thought.

Anyways, this is what inspired me to design this meme and I hope it also inspires anyone who sees this blog post!

(Created with Imgflip by Hannah Spates)

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  1. Hi Hannah,
    Your growth mind set post was so inspirational. I have fallen short on several occasions and my past kept reminding me that I am a failure. Reading your post made me think that I should probably get past the negativity and try to make the best out of what has happened. I started trying harder in my classes than before so I can achieve my goals.


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