Monday, September 28, 2015

Growth Mindset: Week 5

This week, I decided to do the growth mindset challenge based on the challenges presented in my other classes. Specifically, I chose my accounting class. I chose this class because I have come close to failing an accounting course before and if it had not been for some friends to lift me up and encourage me, I never would have made it through the course. It was by the grace of God I made a good grade in that class!

So here it goes....

In my accounting course this semester, I am worried that I will come close to failing again. It is a fear that one might say is irrational, but it is very real to me. As I focus on this challenge, I am reminded of the grade "not yet" in the growth mindset thought process. I feel like that is a much better way for me to think about it because it takes all of the pressure off for me! I am able to relax a little bit more and not be so worried about my grade. I can just really focus on learning the material and doing my very best in the class.

I will keep you posted as to how I progress further into my accounting course this semester!

(Image Source: Accounting and Finance Memes)

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